Reading Tues 10-Jan The Legal Landscape

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized. ”

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Christine Wolfe

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Testing Link


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App Expo

Cody Campus map

Learned the google maps api and he added his own markers in a google map. Google Earth longitude and latitude are not reliable. Provide info about the area for new students
Different maps for food, athletics, Calculates driving or walking path and time. Plan to add more directories. Wants to add in to find you with geo and then clicking on the image of a building will tell you how to get there. He wants to make more graphic buttons. Good ideas for future development based on GPS. Obviously spent a lot of time considering how students would use the application. Great ideas for converting the campus map to a smartphone interface. Completely through

Brandon, Ibrihim, Ryan, Where’s Rufus

Developed their app in WordPress. It includes several QR scans. If you have gps, clicking on an image will give directions to get to the place. When building maps, you have to create a separate map for each location. Tagged for what offices are in each building and can find the classes that are in each location. It was cool that they were able to create the whole thing in the WordPress blog. They put a lot of thought into what questions people would have and added features to answer the particular questions. Their team included a person from another department in the college who was not familiar with any of the technology before starting the project. It seems that having him there helped the other teammates clarify their instructions and concepts. There was very little coding involved.

Tintin, Reuben, Computer Ethics

A web app in weebly for computer ethics. They tried it in different mobile devices and without having to make any changes and it worked pretty well – only a little bit of misalignment. As students they can’t use the full conversion to native mobile apps. Very easy to create the pages – just drag and drop – no coding required. They tested their app on 3 platforms: android, iphone, blackberry. They discovered that the text wrapping was not consistent from device to device but they were able to rearrange their screens to make it appealing on all the platforms. It had to take a long time to check out all the content on all 3 platforms.

Jamie, Nick, Albert: QR in McCracken

The posted their flyers but several were removed from the walls. In McCracken they have mounted QR codes around the building, outside the department chair offices, the lab, and in different areas. They used weebly but configured it so only the about page will open in the website. All other links are only reached via the QR code scans. They did this to keep the main page clean. They demo’d how they created

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Discovering McCracken

It was so cool this morning when I arrived at McCracken Hall. There by the door was one of the QR icons from the Jamie, Nick, Albert team. I found more of the cards throughout the building. I had to download a QR code reader but then I was able to read the links – it was so cool. I was very impressed with how professional the cards looked and how smoothly the webbly link was retrieved and displayed. The only possible downside is that it looks so professional that the COE may be suspected of spending a huge amount to hire consultants to develop and install the app.

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Shrink Wrap

I’ve heard from several more beta testers and I’m pleased that they found the interface intuitive and that they think it would be a useful tool. I’ve corrected the errors that they found, added some molecules that they recommended, and have made one major change to the app as a result of the feedback.

Several mentioned that they were surprised that they were able to go to the Chemistry Rock Concert even though they exceeded the minimum tap count. I had originally planned to display the minimum tap count and the user’s tap count just as a way for the user to track how efficiently they were able to construct the molecule. Many of the beta testers thought that the tap count should be more meaningful.

I revised the result page to incorporated the tap counts. If the user completes the mission in the minimum number of clicks, a full beaker appears and the user is identified as a Chemist Laureate. Up to 1.5 times the minimum, the rank is Master Chemist, up to 2.0 times the minimum, rank is Chemist, and beyond that the rank is Apprentice. The level of the molecule in the beaker is calibrated to match the rank attained.

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The Mystery of the Missing Plutonium

RM: You fixed the earlier problem with the music and now everything seems to be working really good. I noticed that you have a missing Actinoids element in the inner transition metals group. Once you add this lone element back everything should be okay from what I can tell.


CM: (college student): Although I know absolutely nothing about chemistry, I really like your app. I sent it to my brother who has an iPhone to test it as well. He knows nothing about chemistry as well. During my surfing around the app, because I have no idea what any of the elements are anymore and am not sure I did in high school, I came across this little problem. The icon for PU is missing. I went to Inner Transition Metals and then to Actinoids and there it wasn’t. I will keep surfing to either learn about chemistry or fry my brain to get at least one right. Other than that little thing it looks great.


Note: Pu is the symbol for plutonium (and for stinky stuff). As these testers discovered, in the beta version I had not uploaded the icon. I’ve since uploaded it.

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